Thursday 16 December 2010

9. Salvador's wood, 42"

After the Bernini I knew I was essentially done, and could now play. The first step to being 'done' is to begin to clean up, and the best way to clean a shop is to start by clearing the workbench. The one I made for myself, two pieces of plate steel and a beam section, was intended to be stored in the garage until I had use of it again. But there was another field to this property (in addition to the upper field where the 'goat vases' are). This field contained a tree back left, and a big, round rock, stone, front right (from the point of view of the house terrace). There is no way I would place a sculpture in the center of this field, it's too obvious, too typical. However, some days before a family friend chopped up a brushpile that was located front left in the field with his chainsaw and made a nice heap of logs. That, for me, began a nice aesthetic. Big round stone front right, fags front left (I yelled at Salvador a day later when he started to clear the pile of wood he had created 'nooo!' and when he understood my intentions, walked away with a smile) This assemblage is also an ode to Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist whose work I admire.

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