Tuesday 14 December 2010

11and12. Horizontals, various lengths

These last two pieces are brushstrokes. They are small yet substantial, horizontal additions to the environment. They are my way of painting ON the environment. Both lengths of steel I had earmarked for many other things along the way, mostly bases for other sculptures, though in the end I felt wanted to stay essentially what they were. The twelfth piece, in particular, came with a beautiful rust that I didn't want to destroy. I call it The sun - stepping stone and I carved it, again, like the Bernini, on the ground, but this time with no gloves or protection from the torch or bouncing bullets of molten steel. I was in full control now. I carved the circle of the sun into its girth, and the rays on its face. They are 'unsigned'.

tyler fenn, december 14, 2010

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