Saturday 18 December 2010

4. Goat I, 34" tall

Simply put, sculpture is a nice shape propped upright, propped up right. Balance, light and form. The vases were made from single pieces of angle steel, just light enough to carry by myself, just heavy enough to break my back should I slip while carrying it. The initial sketches for the vases included horns to more literally identify them as goats, but I couldn't bring myself to bastardize the purity of the form quite this much, and so it was the otherworldly eye of the goat that I used to manipulate the scale of these pieces. From afar, they are balanced vases in a field. When face to face, the viewer is invited to stare into the eyes of a goat. This first sculpture was worked heavier with the torch because at this point in the collection I am still thinking of the textural treatment of 'bernini'.

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